Friday, January 8, 2010

Can I use hand soap as body wash? And as shampoo?

Can I wash my body with hand soap? Is it all the same? Can I wash my hair with hand soap, or body wash? And can I wash my face with hand soap or body wash? Will I be ruining my skin??Can I use hand soap as body wash? And as shampoo?
You can wash any part of you with hand soap.

All soap cleans just specific things for example shampoo, have other ingredients in it to do things to your hair like give body and de-frizz.

Any cleaning product you use on your body can be used elsewhere and won't damage your skin or hair.

Using soap as shampoo will probably dry your hair out but there really isn't any harm in using it, your hair won't fall out because its dry.

As for using body wash for your hair, I have done this many times before and there hasn't been a problem, only that it dries out your hair same as soap.

ADD: I use hand soap to wash my face and I find that it helps clear spots.Can I use hand soap as body wash? And as shampoo?
never to that to your face or hair you need a special shampoo /body wash.

a hand wash only washes away dirty/ germs. you need a hair shampoo to wash away dirty %26amp;grime but at same time nourish you hair with

vitamins and hair shampoo does that to your hair so that's why you need

a hair specially for your hair.also you really need a body wash it also has

vitamins %26amp; conditioner to soften your skin so that way you skin looks

more healthy less dry don't ever use a hand soap as a shampoo or body wash.I suggest to used dove cucumber body wash %26amp; dove shampoo for you hair. never use a hand soap as face cleanser it would

ruinig your skin making it dry flaky.
I had so many skin, scalp and hair problems (severe dry flaking skin, many pimples, breakouts, large pores and, flaking, itching scalp and even hair loss) as a result of most facial cleansers, body cleansers and shampoos that I learned have some of the most scalp, hair and skin harming chemicals - some are so toxic. So I switched to buying a pure bar or tablet soap with no additives, no colorings, no perfumes of any kind for washing skin, face and hair and immediately all my conditions started healing and now have returned to total health. Look at the countless harmful ingredients in MOST hand soaps, body washes and shampoos. You can do online searches and confirm how severely harmful and toxic they are.

Yes, you can use hand soap (or bar soap, I guess) as body wash. Lots of people do. You'll be fine. I'm not sure if you can wash your hair with hand soap. Definitely don't wash it with body wash, though. You can probably use hand soap for your face. I would avoid using body wash because excessive use could cause zits, from what I've heard.
okay, there shouldn't be a problem with washing your body with hand soap... it's the same kinda skin... but I wouldn't reccomend washing your hair with body wash or hand soap, because it will dry it out. Trust me, I've tried.
not as shampoo.....

if you get the philosopy line of products you can, but not just any regular soap.

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