Saturday, December 26, 2009

Is it okay to use shampoo as body wash in the shower and hand soap instead of soap?

My friend said she uses shampoo on her crotch to clean it out when she runs out of soap. I don't think this is sanitary. But I was wondering, is it okay to do this? And does it clean you enough? Can it be used in place of hand soap when washing your hands? Also, it it okay to use real body wash on your crotch area (esp. if you're a girl)?Is it okay to use shampoo as body wash in the shower and hand soap instead of soap?
Most definitely. Shampoo is just as good of a cleaner as any other. The only Difference between shampoo and Body was along with soap is , Shampoo does not have Moisturisers for your skin along with some sort of exfoliating chemical, Other then that, there is really no cleaning difference.

I do know though that using something with fragrance in it can cause vaginal issues for ladies, or if you have sensitive skin that can cause irritation, but that depends on the lady

Think of it like this, long before body wash was really out their people used Bar Soap to clean themselves and their private area's.

Here is somethings that will help give you a good idea of the differences between the 3.

Body washes and Bar soaps, They are all a cleaner for the skin, They have nice fragrances and Moisturisers to help the skin smell and stay smelling good and soft. Some of them even have an Anti Bacterial chemical in them to help fight germs and to keep the skin even cleaner.

Shampoo, They are all a cleaner for the hair and scalp, but they still are cleaners. they have nice fragrances . They either have a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner or just shampoo.

Most of them Do not have Anti Bacterial because its designed for the hair.

so I hope this helps you out. I know people who use bar soap for their hair. EWWW I don't recommend it because it will dry your hair out, but it still cleans and that to them is all that matters.Is it okay to use shampoo as body wash in the shower and hand soap instead of soap?
wow, the phrase ';shampoo on her crotch to clean it out'; is probably the most unsexy way to talk about a vagina ever.

but anyway, yes, it's safe, it's not gonna hurt you or anything, but you might experience extra drying of the skin. most body washes and hand-soaps contain a moisturizer to prevent this.
Soap is soap. I would not use other soaps for shampoo because my hair would be unmanigable. But it is sanitary, at least she is washing hers. Also, any soap can be used for 'hand soap' again, soap is soap. Soap kills germs. Soap cleans. (Also leave in conditioner can work as a lotion in a pinch.)
I used to work with DOve and the fact of the matter is that there isn't a big difference between soaps; body wash, shampoo, even washing up liquid. What really makes them stand out is how much perfume there is in them and also the quality of the brand. I think it's fine to use shampoo whereever, but you might feel irritation, i which case - stop.
I don't think it's about being unsanitary. Some shampoos out there have lots of perfumes and could increase your chances of getting a vaginal infection. I've always been told to use the least perfumed soaps/body washes in the vaginal area. For your friend to say she has to ';clean it out.'; Makes me wonder if she doesn't already have an infection. You might want to encourage your friend to go for a gyn visit. She get get lots of answers to her questions and a check-up too.

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